Dad drags girl by her hair as she begs for mercy in Texas: report

Dad drags girl by her hair as she begs for mercy in Texas: report

The little girl is seen being dragged by a man by her hair through a Walmart.

A disturbing new report out of Texas has the community in an uproar after photos emerged of a man dragging a little girl by the hair inside a Walmart as she screamed at him to stop.

The photographer, Erika Burch, was shopping when she saw the girl crying with her hair wrapped around the shopping cart handle as a man pushed it. She was yelling, “Please stop! I promise I won’t do it again.” The girl appears to be about 5 years old, according to a KHOU report.

The man lets the girl go after Burch snaps pictures, but he told Burch to mind her own business, according to the report.

Burch contacted a polie officer, but the officer simply told her that he has a right to discipline his children, and that there had to be bodily injury for it to be abuse.

However, when the media contacted Cleveland police, their tune changed: “We are taking this pretty serious,” police chief Darrel Brousssard said according to the report.

The police wrote the following on their Facebook page: “The Cleveland Police Department has received numerous calls in regards to a child having her hair pulled last night at Cleveland Wal-Mart. We want to assure the community this case is currently being investigated by our Detective Division. CPS has been contacted per our policy and is also investigating this case. A joint investigation is currently being conducted by both agencies.”

“I want her to know, it is not OK for anyone to grab you by the hair of your head, it is not OK for anyone to drag you by the hair on your head,” Burch said according to the KHOU report.

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