Hillary Clinton is in panic mode in Florida

Hillary Clinton is in panic mode in Florida

A new report suggests that all is not well in the Sunshine State, and it's for a surprising reason.

Democrats are getting really worried in Florida, and it’s for a very good reason — and a rather surprising one. Clinton is facing a low turnout with minorities in the Sunshine State, and that could spell defeat not just in the state, but in the U.S. presidential election versus Donald Trump.

The problem is that Clinton isn’t inspiring African-American voters like Barack Obama did. Part of it because they simply don’t identify with her on a fundamental level, and part of it may be perhaps the somewhat vicious campaign she led against the eventual first black president in 2008. But either way, the Democratic presidential nominee has her work cut out for her if she wants to wrest the critical swing state from Trump a month from now, according to a Politico report.

Clinton has been making trips to Florida in the hopes of inspiring African-Americans and other minorities to get out in vote, knowing those votes will go overwhelmingly to her. She has visited counties like Broward and St. Lucie which have notably large black populations compared to the rest of the state.

Obama himself is expected to campaign with her in Florida before election day in the hopes of giving her campaign a boost among minorities. First Lady Michelle Obama is even expected to visit the state.

The problem is too much of the black vote is anti-Trump as opposed to pro-Clinton, and sometimes that’s not enough to get someone to go to the polls.

Can she overcome this particularly vexing problems? We’ll know in November.

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