Donald Trump goes crazy after tax returns released

Donald Trump goes crazy after tax returns released

It's the latest bit of bad news for Trump, who had managed to avoid negative headlines for several weeks.

It’s finally happened: Donald Trump’s much-awaited tax returns have finally been released, and even though they’re 20 years old, they tell us a lot about the candidate. And Trump has absolutely gone off about them.

The New York Times published details from his 1995 tax returns which it obtained, alleging they showed losses of $916 million, allowing him to potentially avoid income taxes for 18 years. Trump responded at a rally in Pennsylvania with a short statement that took him nearly a half hour deliver because he kept going off on tangents, including accusing Hillary Clinton of not being loyal to her husband because of his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

It’s the latest bit of bad news for Trump, who had managed to avoid negative headlines for several weeks and managed to climb back into a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton. After a bad debate performance and a Twitter tirade against his former Miss Universe winner, Trump is back to getting negative press again and is losing ground to Clinton in the polls with the election just a few weeks away.

Trump tried to deflect attention from the revelations by pointing to a new video of Hillary Clinton talking about Bernie Sanders supports, claiming she mocked them as basement dwellers. Clinton supporters say she was showing empathy to Sanders supporters, not derision.

Trump and Clinton have two more debates left before election day on Nov. 8. If Trump cannot put in a better performance and avoid being baited by Clinton, he may face a steep electoral loss.

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  1. charles Tillman says

    A fight between to people starts with words. Donald trumpet isvILhe sound of world war 3. He talks negative at our own usa citizens. They respond ready to fight. Let him do thaT to china .Russian.nth Korean …once they respond to foolish talk trump will hide . We out in the open regreting our vote. If we dont think ahead using our head’s world war 3 is a promise. But it will stArt with us against us because alot of people is here illegal. But he singled out Mexico. Race card. Why not say Ll illegals will be out. He say blAcks are from they on his get out list. Marshall law in 2017 . We must not elect this DEVIL. Evil empire.

  2. Maxine says

    Leave Clinton marriage out of it focus on the economy, what her husband did that’s in the past , voting for Hillary. .

  3. says

    Why does Trump get away for not paying taxes.He has no excuse for not paying his taxes,just because your a billionaire doesn’t give you the right not pay your taxes.
    I’m a 64 yr old woman and worked and I paid my taxes,and will until I can’t work anymore.

  4. says

    Trump does not have the capacity to change. He is a Narcissist. His campaign will continue to go south for the remainder of the campaign.

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