Donald Trump is getting desperate

Donald Trump is getting desperate

Trump's best bet may be in the West, a new report says.

As Donald Trump continues to slip further back into the polls, the campaign is desperately hoping that things start to shake out in the West where he has had better luck. The campaign is looking for an electoral path that gets him to the required 270 votes, but with five weeks left until Election Day and new polling indicating that Pennsylvania and Michigan may be completely out of reach as Hillary Clinton gains in those areas, Trump’s best bet may be in the West, according to a Politico report.

The GOP has pushed immigration reform as a way to make inroads there, but conservatives did not like this and the move may have even helped Donald Trump surge to the top of the field for his vigorous anti-immigration platform, calling Mexicans “rapists” and continuing to talk about building a huge wall along the border.

The problem is that Trump relies heavily on white voters — and specifically, white male voters — and winning states over like Pennsylvania means winning over suburban moms and hispanics, the report notes.

So Trump has indeed focused a lot more lately on the western states, holding rallies in Colorado, Arizona and Nevada, with throngs of white voters turning out to cheer him on.

But he has a big hill to climb with many of those states. Some polls show Clinton leading Trump by as many as 11 points in Colorado. Arizona has voted only once for a Democratic candidate since 1952, but Trump only holds a two-point lead in that state.

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