Kansas Attorney General makes stunning marijuana discovery

Kansas Attorney General makes stunning marijuana discovery

The new reality of marijuana in states that haven't even legalized it yet, like Kansas, is surprising the attorney general.

Marijuana is having a major impact on Kansas, according to a new survey of law enforcement agencies by the Kansas attorney general. But the impacts may not be all bad, it acknowledges.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt has released responses from 390 district attorneys and law enforcement agencies in the state of Kansas that indicate that there is less marijuana being confiscated, and that the potency of the drugs that they’re seeing has been rising, according to a statement from his office.

The survey also indicates that the jurisdictions aren’t enforcing the pot laws that remain ont he books, and even when they do it’s a lot harder to win convictions.

So far, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have legalized marijuana, while Maine, Arizona, California, Massachusetts and Nevada have pending legislation that would do the same.

It’s created a confusing situation for law enforcement, with some enforcing it more strictly while others are preparing for marijuana’s legalization and are placing less emphasis on it.

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