Shocking: Parade float shows Donald Trump executing Hillary Clinton

Shocking: Parade float shows Donald Trump executing Hillary Clinton

Outrage after an Indiana parade featured a parade float with Clinton getting electrocuted.

A float in a parade in Indiana has the entire community in an uproar and has made nationwide headlines due to its depiction of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton being electrocuted by her opponent, Donald Trump. The parade float, which appeared at the Aurora Farmers Fair, was created by Frank Linkmeyer, who is known locally for creating floats high in shock value, and this year he topped all his previous entries.

The float features an execution scene, depicting Clinton strapped to an electric chair with the Grim Reaper, a pastor and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump standing near her. The float also had Trump-Pence campaign signs, and phrases like “Benghazi” and “Liar liar pants on fire.”

The float also had an Easter Island head that was spray-painted black and labeled “Obama.” Linkmeyer insisted that it was all just a joke, and he could have put Trump in the chair.

But not everyone is laughing in the Cincinnati suburb. A Washington Post reported quoted several locals who called the display “disgusting” and even “racist.”

“I know a half-dozen minority children that were marching in that parade and even more sitting on the sidewalk watching it go by, and this is the message we are sending to our children?” the Post quoted Penny Britton as saying. “I don’t see how anyone could look at the statue on the float and not say it was racist.”

Britton talked to local media about the float, and started getting “hateful messages for several days now,” according to the report.

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