Spider discovery stuns scientists

Spider discovery stuns scientists

It's a shocking discovery that could forever change how we think about spiders.

Just in time for Halloween, scientists have found something extremely creepy about spiders: they can hear you a lot better than you might think. While scientists have long understand that spiders rely onvisuals and vibrations, they might actually be able to detect sound a lot better than had been thought by the scientific community.

One species of jumping spider, Phidippus audax, may be able to hear sounds from as far away as 10 feet, according to a statement from the Cell Press.

While spiders don’t have ears in the typical sense — mammals’ ears use changes in air pressure to detect sound — but they do have a way to dtect sound. They can pick up on air movement by using sensory hairs on their bodies.

While this is not new, scientists thought that arachnids could only pick up sounds from about three feet away at most, but it seems that their hearing range is a lot longer than that.

“The sensory world of the tiny jumping spider was thought to be dominated by sight and tactile touch,” says Paul Shamble, who conducted the work along with colleagues in Ron Hoy’s lab at Cornell University and has since moved to Harvard, according to a statement. “Surprisingly, we found that they also possess an acute sense of hearing. They can hear sounds at distances much farther away than previously thought, even though they lack ears with the eardrums typical of most animals with long-distance hearing.”

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