Warning: This may be harming your baby

Warning: This may be harming your baby

The U.S. government is warning parents about a common teething treatment that could be harmful.

Homeopathic products are en vogue nowadays among parents, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning parents against using a homeopathic teething remedy for their baby. The agency is warning consumers that these tablets and gels may actually pose a risk to infants and children.

The FDA notes that teething can be managed without prescription or over-the-counter drugs, and that parents and caregivers should not be giving their children teething tablets and gels. Any treatments should be done in consulation with a doctor, the FDA advises in a statement.

These teething products can be found at common drug stores like CVS, as well as online. The FDA says that they have received reports that such treatments may result in seizures in infants and children who receive them. The agency is testing some of them to see if it can find out more information.

“Hyland’s Teething Tablets are manufactured to contain a small amount of belladonna, a substance that can cause serious harm at larger doses,” the FDA statement reads. “For such a product, it is important that the amount of belladonna be carefully controlled. FDA laboratory analysis, however, has found that Hyland’s Teething Tablets contain inconsistent amounts of belladonna. In addition, the FDA has received reports of serious adverse events in children taking this product that are consistent with belladonna toxicity. The FDA has also received reports of children who consumed more tablets than recommended, because the containers do not have child resistant caps.”

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