Whoops: Alaska reporter who quit live on air over marijuana faces 54 years in jail

Whoops: Alaska reporter who quit live on air over marijuana faces 54 years in jail

Charlo Greene dramatically walked off air two years ago. Now she faces possibly the rest of her life in jail over a substance that is currently legal in Alaska.

Charlo Greene became a viral sensation in September 2014 when she cursed on live television and quit her job as a reporter for KTVA, a station in Alaska, due to the fact that she was a proponent of legalization of marijuana. Two years later, she faces charges on 14 offenses that could land her up to 54 years in jail.

Greene ended her segment on marijuana in 2014 by revealing she was a proponent of legalizing weed, and was in fact the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, and then announced, “f*** it, I quit,” and then walked off camera. The video took off on the Internet and she became an overnight viral sensation.

Greene turned her life to advocating for cannabis. Alaska became the third state in the U.S. to legalize recreational pot just two months after she walked off air.

But Alaska was not on her side, and launched a series of raids on her club that resulted in multiple offenses relating to “misconduct involving a controlled substance.”

The 2014 law passed in Alaska legalized the manufacture, sale and possession of marijuana, but the Cannabis Club was supplying marijuana to members before finalized regulations went into effect in February 2015, officials allege.

Police targeted the operation and made six undercover purchases as well as two raids over a period of five months, according to a report by the Guardian. Authorities argue that Greene and people like her shouldn’t have jumped the gun.

Alaska has so far approved 83 licenses, of which 17 are retail businesses that haven’t yet opened, according to the report.

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