You’ll never guess who’s coming out in support of immigration

You’ll never guess who’s coming out in support of immigration

Immigration is a hot topic this election year, and some very notable people are coming out in favor of it.

It’s perhaps the biggest hot-button issue of 2016: immigration. And Nobel Prize laureates are arguing in favor of it, going against the grain of anti-immigration sentiment that is sweeping through Europe and the United States and suggesting that open borders are important for the advancement of science.

All six Nobel laureates announced this year who are affiliated with the United States are immigrants — five born in Britain, and one in Finland. British scientists certainly have quite a bit to say about the issue, considering their home country voted to leave the European Union, largely over fear of unchecked immigration.

They say that the United States is where it is today because of immigrants — certainly a hard position to argue against considering the country was founded on immigrants. And by allowing people in from different countries, it raises the level of talent that is available.

At the very least, scientists should be given protected status for visas,, they argue. Since 1901, a third of U.S. Nobel laureates weren’t born in the country, according to media reports.

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