Rosie O’Donnell, Donald Trump may be going to war again

Rosie O’Donnell, Donald Trump may be going to war again

The rivalry may have just begun anew after O'Donnell suggested Trump's youngest son might be autistic.

Rosie O’Donnell is in some hot water after sharing a poem on her site that suggested the son of her arch-nemesis, President-elect Donald Trump, might be autistic. Her comment about Barron, Trump’s youngest son, led to a a torrent of criticism, leading O’Donnell to later clarify her comments.

The 54-year-old comedian revealed that her own 3-year-old daughter Dakota had been diagnosed with high functioning autism earlier this year, hence her interest int he subject. Her comment wasn’t meant to degrade Barron, she claimed, but rather the opposite.

It was the following passage that got her into trouble:

“as we try to grab onto / anything to keep us standing / the knowledge we r not alone / there r others living this too,” she wrote. “when i saw the anti bullying video / that mentioned barron / it spoke to the symptoms many ASD kids have / it was educational and informational.”

When she received pushback, she responded:

“1 in 55 kids is an epidemic / donald and i agree on that / and not much else,” she wrote. “i feel he is a clear and present danger / but this autism subject — / had nothing to do with donald / though i admit / he does trigger me in all ways.”

O’Donnell and Trump have long had a nasty relationship. The fued began in 2006, when Donald Trump held a press conference to reinstate Miss USA Tara Conner, claiming he was using the scandal to generate publicity for the scandal. Trump repeatedly publicly attacked, calling her names and claiming Barbara Walters regretted hiring her on The View.

Surprisingly, despite Trump’s reputation for being a voracious tweeter and attack artist, he hasn’t gone after O’Donnell yet online, although that could change at any moment.tisti

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