Sarah Jessica Parker discusses Tinder and marriage success

Sarah Jessica Parker discusses Tinder and marriage success

The actress is thankful she doesn’t rely on the popular dating app

Sarah Jessica Parker admitted to be intrigued by Tinder, which encourages people to select potential dates based on their looks. However, she is happy to skip the popular app thanks to a happy marriage to Matthew Broderick.

Moreover, the actress believes that even her Sex and the City character would be hopeless at using the program successfully. However, someone like Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) could probably use it successfully.

Asked what she thinks about Tinder, the 51-year-old actress told Vanity Fair Italy: “I couldn’t do that. Neither Carrie or Charlotte could. Miranda, well yes, she could find love online.”

The blonde beauty – who was also joined by Kim Cattrall on the popular show – describes Matthew as her “favorite person” and the two have managed to remain happy together after nearly two decades.

Sarah – who has three kids with the fellow actor – explained: “I really like Matthew, he’s my favorite person, and we built together exactly the life we wanted. We are completely connected. His joys make me happy, they make my life better. His failures are my failures.”

She also revealed that their relationship has only improved and evolved over time, and insists intimacy isn’t the most important thing about a successful marriage.

“[Romance] is important at the beginning of the relationship, what I call ‘the years of the soufflé’. You know, when at the restaurant the soufflé is the best thing they have on the menu. The first few years are like that, but later it’s important that you invested in the other person.”

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