Zoe Saldana reveals the secret to a happy, long-lasting marriage

Zoe Saldana reveals the secret to a happy, long-lasting marriage

The actress discusses transparency and absolute honesty

Zoe Saldana says the reason for her successful marriage is due to complete transparency and “unconditional support” for one another.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actress – who is married to Marco Parego – explained how everything is meticulously planned in order to help prevent issues and arguments.

She told Los Angeles Confidential magazine: “We plan everything together – that way nobody feels slighted. We’re unconditional with each other: unconditionally supportive of each other’s careers, and professions, and desires, and goals. But we can only be this by having absolute transparency.

When we hit a road block, then we take the time to figure how we’re going to move that block and keep moving on down the road.”

And the actress – who has two children with the artist – thanks motherhood for having gained more energy on a daily basis.

“I would think it would slow me down and it hasn’t. I have all this energy now for so many things that I want to do. It’s fantastic having twins. This is something that we certainly didn’t plan for.

We wanted to start a family, but being blessed with a two-in-one shot is great. I grew up in a family of women. Now I have these three gentlemen who I’m living with, and who are just Mowglis: savages and super playful and spontaneous. I’m encouraged to keep up. I drank the Kool-Aid, and I love it!”

Speaking of which, Zoe admitted she would often cry when she had to spend time away from her children, adding: “The first week back at work, I think I cried every day in my trailer. But I remember as soon as they would tell me ‘We’re ready for you on set,’ I would still skip to set. I love what I do. You do need to rest, you do need to have a moment to yourself, but right now this is my life as I know it.”

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