Adam Lambert wants to work with Saara Aalto

Adam Lambert wants to work with Saara Aalto

Adam feels that working with the ‘X Factor’ star was meant to be

Adam Lambert – who recently performed with Saara Aalto – says he’s looking forward to working with the Finnish singer again and feels that their collaboration was “meant to be.”

Speaking to Bang Showbiz at the BBC Music Awards, he said: “A collaboration? Who knows but it is always possible. She is absolutely lovely. She has been tweeting me weeks before this all came out. It was meant to be I feel like, she is lovely!”

And Adam is also open to recording new material with Queen after joining the band’s Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor over the past couple of years.

He previously stated: “I’m certainly open to anything. If something sounds cool and it’s the right thing to do at the right time, then I’m game … I haven’t heard anything like that come up … They might ask me. I might be on the shortlist!”

However, he acknowledges that long-time fans may not want to hear new music under the group’s iconic name and he isn’t looking to replace the late Freddie Mercury.

“Maybe it’s an issue of, is that Queen without Freddie? To me, Queen is (Freddie) … that’s why we’re billed as Queen plus Adam Lambert. I’m their guest who’s filling in by singing these songs and having a great time doing it. But it’s not necessarily Queen.

That said, Adam is still exploring the idea after Brian praised his skills as an artist.

He explained: “I feel so privileged that we can still do this. We spend half our lives building this legacy of songs and contact with an audience, and we can still be out there and doing it. And it’s wonderful that we have Adam. You need an extraordinary figurehead, and we do have it in Adam. So it’s a gift from God. I call him a gift from God.”

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