Chris Martin performs for the homeless

Chris Martin performs for the homeless

The singer put up a lovely performance at a London shelter

Coldplay’s Chris Martin paid tribute to the late George Michael by playing a rendition of Wham!’s Last Christmas at a homeless shelter in the United Kingdom. He also performed several of his own hits throughout.

A volunteer published an image of himself next to the singer on Instagram, accompanied by the caption: “That moment when Coldplay’s Chris Martin drops into the Crisis at Christmas shelter, with no fuss, no fanfare and no press, to help make tea and coffee and also play guitar so the guests can have a sing song. Thank you for coming down and getting stuck in.”

The news is no surprise to fans, as it was previously revealed he gives 10 percent of his total earnings to charity.

In fact, his mother always kept back some of his pocket money while growing up as a means to teach him the value of sharing. It appears that the singer has cherished this lesson as he always strives to give away some of his fortune to others.

Bandmate Jonny Buckland said in an Australian TV show: “Ten per cent of Chris’ pocket money goes to charity.”

The artist, who is worth roughly £70 million, then shared: “I used to get 10 pence pocket money. The first time she gave me nine, I was like, ‘What is this?’ [And my mum was like], ‘Get used to it, son.’ Mum still gives me three pounds a week.”

The rest of the band also follows a similar tradition, spreading their wealth across 28 different charities each month.

“It’s very important for us [to give money to charity regularly]. It drives us on. We don’t talk about it that much but you asked. It is true!”

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