Damian Lewis is not motivated by wealth

Damian Lewis is not motivated by wealth

Money has never been important to the actor

Damian Lewis, who plays Bobby Axe Axelrod on the television drama Billions, insists his greedy character is very different to how he is in real life.

The actor revealed money has never been a priority and the only real importance it plays is in his children’s education.

Damian, who shares two children with wife Helen McCrory, told Australian magazine TV Week: “We don’t think money is terribly important in our family. I spend money on my children’s school fees, and I just renovated my house but I don’t own a second home or have a yacht.”

And despite paying for their school instead of opting for free education, the Homeland actor revealed he would never consider boarding school as his own experience was very difficult.

He explained: “I went at (to boarding school) eight and I think that’s very hard. You go through something which, at that age, defines you and your ability to cope. There’s a sudden lack of intimacy with a parent, and your ability to get through that defines you emotionally for the rest of your life.”

The star – who reached widespread recognition in Second World War drama Band of Brothers as John D Winters – had previously claimed that his fame was the result of luck.

“My dad lived in America for five years, and we have relations and even a godfather over there. I’m extremely lucky.

Band of Brothers kicked it all off. I was a needle in a haystack – they looked at hundreds of men all over the English-speaking world and, for whatever reason, it came down to me,” he confessed.

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