How to find a shocking video of Donald Trump

How to find a shocking video of Donald Trump

The Donald has earned four years as president even after damaging video was released, but what other videos are out there?

It seems like we can’t get enough of The Donald. And now that he’s been elected president, we’re going to get healthy dose of Donald Trump for the next four years at least. If you’re wondering if there’s a few other shocking videos out there other than the famous behind-the-scenes Access Hollywood clip that got him in trouble, or you¬†just want to see what other crazy stuff he’s done on camera, there’s definitely other video out there you may not have seen yet.

Footage of Trump has been everywhere for decades, but it’s exponentially increased in the last few years. The real estate and casino magnate has long loved the limelight, and has never been shy about his opinions. His ownership of the Miss America pageants during its heyday has gotten him plenty of camera time, as have his spectacular and lavish casino unveilings throughout his real estate career. Trump has always been the ultimate hype man, usually for himself but especially for his brand.

And as Trump continued to build that brand by venturing into the world of reality television with the hit show “The Apprentice,” the video library of the bombastic figure only increased. So what other incredible video is out there if you want to learn more about your future commander-in-chief? We have a list below.

Donald Trump and Alicia Machado’s 1997 interview with CBS News was definitely one of the more awkward moments on television. Machado¬†surfaced during the presidential campaign, recalling when Trump publicly smeared his own 1996 Miss Universe pageant winner for gaining weight after her victory. He went on a campaign of humiliating her for it, culminating in this 1997 joint interview with CBS News, which was more than a little awkward.

We all know that Donald Trump and the Clintons used to hang out together, but you may not realize just how much he liked Hillary Clinton before he decided he hated her. In an interview filmed not long before he decided to run for president, he praised her work as secretary of state and dismissed the Benghazi attack as a non-issue.

Trump was similarly effusive of Hillary Clinton, a woman he later said he intended to jail after he became president, back in a 2008 interview when she was running for president. He also praised Bill Clinton as a “great president,” eight years before needling him as an alleged rapist during his successful presidential campaign.

And if you want even more, here’s a video of top 10 moments, including footage of The Donald you’ve probably never seen before.

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