Jim Sturgess prefers to get drunk over learning

Jim Sturgess prefers to get drunk over learning

Education was always a waste of time for the actor

Jim Sturgess admitted he found education to be a waste of time simply due to a lack of interest. Although he tries to learn new things these days, the actor has always preferred to have fun and get drunk.

He said: “At school, I was only interested in skateboarding, music and smoking.

My education was wasted. But I was always interested in art and music, so I feel I’m catching up a lot of the time. Now, I read around whatever job I’m doing to educate myself but I’d rather go and get drunk.”

And the main reason for enrolling in a university was merely to chase his musical ambitions rather than his overall education.

The 38-year-old star revealed: “I felt amazing because for the first time I was getting top marks and not being told off for not turning up.”

Jim also confessed to be somewhat hyperactive when it comes to relaxation. The Cloud Atlas actor wishes to switch off the need to always be onto something, as he finds it difficult to just “chill out.”

He shared in a recent interview: “I’m not good at sitting still and I wish I was better at it.

I’ll be at home and think, ‘Why can’t I just chill out?’ And then, when I’m filming, I can’t wait to not do anything.”

Most television shows only remind the actor of his own career and the jobs that are always waiting around the corner.

He continued: “All these films and shows on Netflix I should be sitting and catching up with – it gives me anxiety just thinking I’ve got to plough through all that.”

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