Kelly Clarkson gets mistaken for Carrie Underwood

Kelly Clarkson gets mistaken for Carrie Underwood

Thankfully, the singer considers it a big compliment

Kelly Clarkson recently confessed that she is regularly confused for Carrie Underwood, perhaps due to some physical similarities and the fact that they both identify with American Idol. Regardless what the reasons may be, the singer considers the confusion a great compliment.

While speaking at the Elvis Duran and The Morning Show, Kelly stated: “This is my favourite thing. People come up to me all the time. OK, we look nothing alike, we sound nothing alike, there’s nothing about us that’s similar, really, except we were both on Idol.

People are always like, ‘I love your song, ‘So Small,’ and I’m like, ‘Thank you. Thank you, I think you’re thinking I’m Carrie Underwood.’ It always happens! Then a girl that worked with her years ago said the same things happened to her. I think it’s because we’re both blonde and from American Idol.

And Kelly – who has two children with husband Brandon Blackstock – previously admitted she has thought about retiring from the music industry.

She explained: “I was in a very dark place for a long time. It’s just so hard to have normalcy. I love to sing, and I love to talk to people at meet and greets.

It’s just all the c**p that comes along with this job … I don’t love traveling, because I’m never home. It’s hard when you have a family.”

Asked if she has ever considered walking away from everything, she shared: “Oh, all the time. I mean, I’m always going to be a singer, but the level I’m at … I have constant guilt. I don’t have to work; I think it’s because I have that option that I feel the guilt.

But it’s important for my girls, especially, to see me as a woman accomplishing all these things while nailing it as a mom. I always come back to that.”

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