Kim Cattrall is concerned about Alzheimer’s disease

Kim Cattrall is concerned about Alzheimer’s disease

The actress is cautious following her father’s death

Kim Cattrall admitted to have some concerns about Alzheimer’s disease following the death of her father four years ago. That said, she also sees his passing as a wake-up call and is now trying to enjoy life a bit more.

She revealed to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I’m concerned about Alzheimer’s disease. It took my father. But that’s your DNA . It’s part of life. And I’m trying not to be so fear-based.

It’s a wake-up call to enjoy life, more than anything else. I want to make the most of the time that I have where I’m healthy and mobile. My mother is all there – she’s 87 and amazing.”

The star is now adamant to not let the condition overtake her happiness and says she’s satisfied about her overall success. She partly thanks her sense of humor, which helps cope with just about any situation.

“I think I’m just happy about choices that I’ve made. I’m accepting myself and gracefully going forward as much as I can.

I like myself now. It’s that feeling of surviving, that you’ve been through a lot of s**t and you’ve got through the other side and still have your sense of humor.

That’s what I think is intrinsically British about me – I can laugh about things,” she explained.

And Kim admits she didn’t think about going through life without children, but also didn’t want to feel like a science experiment by going through IVF.

She shared: “It’s been a really interesting point of getting older. I didn’t anticipate not to have children, it wasn’t part of the plan. It just sort of happened and evolved that way.

When I was married to my second husband, Andre J. Lyson, I wanted to have children. I went to my doctor and he told me that it could happen but I would have to accept that I would become something of a science experiment. It was the very early days of IVF.”

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