Miley Cyrus may be moving to Australia

Miley Cyrus may be moving to Australia

The star has several reasons to start a new life overseas

Miley Cyrus – who recently got engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth – is rumored to be planning a one-way trip to Australia.

The Hunger Games actor has wished to return to Australia for a while, and the singer was offered a deal to judge on The Voice overseas. This creates the perfect opportunity for them to consider leaving the United States.

An insider told RadarOnline about their relocation plans: “Liam is all about the move. He has been itching to return home to Australia for quite some time now.”

The blonde beauty is said to have been given a far more lucrative deal to replace her Voice USA gig in favor of the Australian version for their next season.

The source added: “Miley has been offered an extremely lucrative deal to be a judge on ‘The Voice’ in Australia for Season six.”

But not everyone is happy with the possible move, as Miley’s mother doesn’t want her leaving the states. However, she knows that the Wrecking Ball hitmaker will go wherever it suits her better financially and this is completely out of her hands.

“Miley’s mom really does not want her leaving, but she is going to go where the money is,” the source explained.

The star is also following Liam as he is a high priority, and being able to live close while working a good-paying job seems like a win-win situation.

The insider further added about the potential situation: “Her main priority in life right is marrying Liam and if she can go back to Australia with him and make a fortune, she sees this as a win-win situation.”

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