Taylor Swift visits World War II veteran

Taylor Swift visits World War II veteran

The star made a surprise visit to one of her oldest fans

Taylor Swift traveled to Missouri on December 26 to visit a very special fan.

96-year-old Cyrus Porter, a World War II veteran, had previously attended her concert and claimed her music brought him closer to his grandchildren.

A clip was published online showing her walking into a crowded house as she greeted Cyrus with gifts and a smile.

The star posed for a few pictures and even performed for the fan. Cyrus complimented her by stating the Bad Blood hitmaker always puts on a show like no other musician can.

He shared: “I’ve been to two concerts. Memphis and St Louis. Look what she does … she puts on a show no one else puts on. I just enjoyed going to see ’em and her. I would as soon go see her right now as anybody!”

Taylor appears to be on everyone’s radar now more than ever. Jamie King had recently hailed the singer as a great godmother to her 17-month-old son Leo. The star said she couldn’t have chosen anyone else for the job and has been blown away by Taylor’s love and dedication.

Asked how Taylor has been treating the baby, Jamie replied: “She’s amazing. She’s great! As she is with everybody around her.”

Meanwhile, Jessica Alba serves as the godmother of Jamie’s other child, three-year-old James. The star went on to explain the reasons she had chosen such big celebrities, insisting it has nothing to do with their status.

“It really has nothing to do with the fact they’re Taylor Swift or Jessica Alba.

It’s a collective way of raising your children that has to do with the fact that you’re choosing people who will help spiritually guide them and be there,” she explained.

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