Billy Bob Thornton is insecure about his acting career

Billy Bob Thornton is insecure about his acting career

The actor never expected an award during the ‘Golden Globes’ ceremony

Billy Bob Thornton – who was recognized for Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama at this Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony – admitted he didn’t expect to receive such recognition.

In fact, the actor readily confessed he often feels “insecure” about his acting career despite being in the industry for a number of years.

He told E! News at the event: “I’m so insecure that I always think every time is my last time, so I always enjoy it.

I think if you look at this way, if you always believe your best stuff’s ahead of you, then you can kind of keep on your game. And I try to believe that.”

The Fargo actor enjoys attending the ceremony as he finds it more relaxing than other Hollywood events.

He shared: “This is always fun because it’s so loose. People aren’t all edgy here. Sometimes you go to award shows and there’s a competitive thing and it’s kind of stiffer.

This one everyone goes in there and has a couple of cocktails and sit back and enjoy the show. [Jimmy] Fallon’s a funny guy, so it’s usually fun.”

Meanwhile, Billy had previously explained why he felt it was “safer” to stay in his native Arkansas as a factory worker, but ultimately chose an acting career as he wished to make something better of his life.

“Maybe it was safer to work at the factory back home but if you wanted to make something of yourself, you’re willing to go take the chance.

A lot of people in the entertainment business get called privileged and yet … I came out here in poverty and spent a decade trying to eat. Those kind of things get to you.”

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