Emma Stone wants to star in numerous plays

Emma Stone wants to star in numerous plays

The actress has set her sights on London’s West End

After appearing on Broadway’s Cabaret in 2014, Emma Stone revealed she now wants to star in a play at London’s West End.

She told the Evening Standard newspaper: “I would love that. I’m looking. I definitely would love to do theatre again, I don’t know if I’d be able to do a musical any time soon just because maintaining the voice is pretty tricky but, my god, I’d love to do theatre again very soon.”

And while her voice is unlikely to handle a full-blown musical, she says to be open to appear in numerous other shows: “I’ve already done my dream musical, ‘Cabaret‘. That was my dream.

I really don’t have any others that I’m dying to do. Really, honestly my voice can’t take it but straight plays, there’s like a million of those I’d love to do.”

Meanwhile, Emma has compared each movie premiere to that of a prom, as each one provides a “surreal experience.” She confessed to have met many people this way and seeing familiar faces is always a plus.

“Now I feel like I’ve met a good amount of people that I see at events like that, whereas a couple of years ago I would always feel like I was in a weird fever dream … I don’t know, I guess it still feels like a weird fever dream, but sometimes I see people I know and I’m like, ‘hey’, so that makes it really fun.

But it’s very surreal, it feels like prom! Except all the clothes are borrowed, so you have to give them back at the end of the night – like a Cinderella prom!”

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