Jessica Alba urges everyone to set and reach new goals

Jessica Alba urges everyone to set and reach new goals

The star explains the importance of yearly resolutions

Jessica Alba – who has two daughters with Cash Warren – hasn’t thought of any New Year’s resolutions just yet but she’s a firm believer in goal-setting.

The star, who says everyone should pursue actionable targets and goals, said: “I haven’t thought of any yet. But I do think everyone needs New Year’s resolutions – it helps set you up for success.”

And Jessica, who is an app mentor for tech giant Apple, thinks younger people should look into coding and programming.

“I think it is a core skill that the next generation should absolutely have. It’s an important thing, it’s the future and I do think it will be part of a basic skill set that everyone needs to have in order to be competitive.”

The actress has a life-long resolution to help people live a healthier life, too. Her organic products line Honest Company has proven hugely popular and she is happy to be a role model to those who rely on her business.

She stated: “It’s given me a sense of purpose. I feel like this is my way to contribute to society and for a little while it was about showing young girls that you can pursue your dreams.”

Jessica also believes that leadership comes in many ways, adding: “You don’t have to be the typical mold of what a leading lady is. You can be tough, you can be a woman of colour like me and you can play roles that are strong.

I really feel like my purpose is to give people access to healthy products so they can live a healthy life.”

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