Kanye West and family visit his mother’s grave

Kanye West and family visit his mother’s grave

Source: It is the first time North and Saint visited their grandma

Kanye West was recently joined by Kim and their two children while visiting his late mother’s grave in Oklahoma City. This marked the first time that three-year-old North and 12-month-old Saint visited.

An insider explained to Entertainment Tonight: “Kim and Kanye visited Donda’s grave this week. They also saw some of Kanye’s family in Chicago … It is the first time North and Saint visited their grandma.

It was important for Kanye to take the kids to his mother’s grave. Kanye wasn’t able to go during the anniversary because of he was on tour, and then his health spiraled.

He hasn’t been able to travel to Chicago since the anniversary [of her passing], so the fact he was able to go now, and with his family, meant a lot to him. He was thrilled to be able to bring the kids to see his mom.”

The news comes after the star became depressed in late 2016 partly due to missing his mother right around the holidays. And despite being hospitalized as a result of exhaustion, Kanye appears to be doing much better these days.

The source shared: “Kanye is doing really well. He’s living at home with Kim and the kids. He spends his days with the kids, and plays with them all day long.

He’s still under medical care. He’ll do everything and anything to make sure he’s in tip-top shape for his family. That’s his motivation to get out of any dark spot.”

And Kim had recently encouraged the rapper to return to social media after a three-month hiatus.

“It was time for Kim to get back on social media and back to work. That is a huge part of her career. She has obligations to support her family and has an entire team working for her. It was time to get back to normal,” a source explained.

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