Khloé Kardashian discusses selflessness and giving back

Khloé Kardashian discusses selflessness and giving back

Khloe: I give to give. I don't give to get

Khloe Kardashian insists her parents had always taught her the value of selflessness and giving back.

The star – who is empowering others through exercise with her program Revenge Body – says they passed down important lessons on the “realities of life” despite their fortunate upbringing.

She revealed on her app: “My parents have always been very compassionate and giving. We were raised in a very blessed environment but since my dad grew up a lot less fortunate, it was really important to him to show us all realities of life and not let us be jaded by the life that he was so lucky to provide us.

At the same time, my dad always said to not be boastful about the charity work you do. Ask yourself if you are helping to benefit others or for a self-serving purpose. I hate when people throw their charity work in everyone’s faces because they are doing it for publicity or praise. I give to give. I don’t give to get.”

And the television personality believes that it’s not about the quantity a person gives, but rather it is the act that counts.

“Big or small, it ALL counts! It bothers me when people say, ‘Oh, you have so much money that you can give back.’

Offering a helping hand to someone in need – or offering emotional support to someone who needs it – is doing something good. I’m so big on kindness. I seriously believe that being kind takes absolutely no effort but does so much for someone else …

I’m not concerned with whether someone donates $10 or $10 million. The point is that we were bringing awareness to a cause that we genuinely care about.”

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