Mariah Carey asks James Packer for career advice

Mariah Carey asks James Packer for career advice

Mariah tries to improve her image following her questionable New Year’s Eve performance

Pop sensation Mariah Carey was engaged to billionaire James Packer until they abruptly split in October 2016. And although they were reportedly not on the best terms, she has reached out and asked him for career advice.

The star, whose New Year’s Eve performance was riddled with technical difficulties, has led her to rebuild and improve her brand image.

A source shared with NW magazine: “She knows she drove him away, but he’s so powerful and knows how to run a successful business – and right now her business, which is ‘Mariah Carey’ is in trouble.”

And Mariah had previously slammed the performance producers, claiming they deliberately sabotaged the show to make her look foolish.

She shared in a recording about the Dick Clark Productions team: “I haven’t really addressed the situation that happened on New Year’s Eve and, in time, I will, but for now, I want everyone to know that I came to New Year’s Eve in New York in great spirits and was looking forward to a celebratory moment with the world.”

She proceeded to blatantly claim they had “foiled” and humiliate her, adding: “It’s a shame that we were put into the hands of a production team with technical issues who chose to capitalize on circumstances beyond our control.

It’s not practical for a singer to sing live and be able to hear themselves properly in the middle of Times Square with all the noise, the freezing cold, the smoke from the smoke machines, thousands of people celebrating, esspecially when their ear monitors were not working at all.

Listen, guys, they foiled me. Thus, it turned into an opportunity to humiliate me and all those who were excited to ring in the new year with me.”

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