Molly Sims welcomes third child with Scott Stuber

Molly Sims welcomes third child with Scott Stuber

The star describes her child as another piece of magic

Molly Sims and Scott Stuber have welcomed the newest member of the family, a baby boy named Grey Douglas.

The 43-year-old model shared a picture with the newborn via Instagram, adding: “Welcome to the world Grey Douglas Stuber 1.10.17 …. Words do not express how grateful and happy we are to have another piece of magic added to our little tribe!”

And Molly – who has two more children with Scott – previously admitted that her third pregnancy had been stressful. The star experienced constant sickness throughout the day which led to frequent vomiting.

She shared: “Being 43 … we wanted to tell everyone, but we were super nervous about, you know, the testing … so it’s just been really, really stressful, but everything so far is on track …

I’ve been crazy sick. I wake up in the morning, I feel like I wanna vomit. I have lunch and wanna vomit, and wanna vomit at dinner … and then when I go to bed, I still want to vomit. I have vomited at grocery stores, I have vomited in my house, I have gagged on my toothpaste.”

Thankfully, Molly’s sickness and stress levels were calmed with the help of chocolate, which she consumed “every single night.”

“With Brooks, I literally ate, like, seven apples a day. With Scarlett, I ate, like, seven oranges a day. And with this one … it’s crazy, but it’s chocolate.

My girlfriends last night were here visiting me, and they were like, ‘Are you drinking hot chocolate?’ Oh, I was — with the little mini marshmallows that are really not good for you. I have one every single night.”

And the blonde beauty wasn’t afraid to confess her attitude often got out of control, adding: “It’s much more tiring [this time around]. I don’t get anything done. I think I’m much more hormonal. I’m like the crazy bitch sometimes – I’ll be really nice one time, and really crazy the next. My husband loves me right now. He really loves me.”

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