Noah Cyrus discusses future goals and aspirations

Noah Cyrus discusses future goals and aspirations

From ‘Carpool Karaoke’ to growing her music career…

Noah Cyrus – otherwise known as Miley’s younger sister – has only just embarked on a music career after releasing her debut single Make Me (Cry). Despite being brand new to the entertainment industry, she already has big dreams and goals lined up over the next several years.

One such goal is to make an appearance on James Corden’s Car Pool Karaoke, as she would enjoy singing along the 38-year-old television host.

She told V magazine: “That [going on ‘Carpool Karaoke‘] is the dream! I think he is amazing. I talk about it all the time. James Corden is literally one of my favourite things to watch.”

And the star – who also has some acting credits to her name – has spent quite some time working on her new album. However, she was initially overwhelmed due to the success of her country-singing father Ray Cyrus, along with Miley’s own established career.

She had previously shared: “It’s so exciting because I feel like I can finally talk about it now.

In 2014, when the ‘I Forget When We Were’ album came out by Ben Howard, that was really inspiring to me. I just started getting this drive to want to write and sing and start my own album.”

Though country music has helped shape her career path, Noah insists her own record has a different tone and delivery.

“In my family, I grew up listening to my dad sing country music, but [the album] is definitely different from what I was raised listening to.”

The teen star is thankful to have the ongoing support of her famous relatives, as Miley often advices her to develop some “thick skin” to survive.

She explained: “Miley always says, ‘Don’t ever look yourself up or read your comments, ’cause you’re gonna see stuff that you don’t want to see. That’s the best advice ever. If it’s making me happy, then it’s working.

My dad has learned all of the songs that I’ve sent him. He put it on his computer, on his jukebox, on his phone. He still has a Blackberry, by the way. But everybody’s been so supportive.”

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