Ozzy Osbourne says he slept through his driving test

Ozzy Osbourne says he slept through his driving test

The singer admits he was “out of it”

Ozzy Osbourne – who has previously fallen victim to drug and alcohol addiction – confessed he failed multiple driving tests before he was finally given a license.

In fact, the star admitted to be so “out of it” that he once fell asleep in the middle of a test. And even after finally obtaining a license, his wife Sharon consistently kept an eye on him.

He told Q magazine: “[I last drove] four years ago. I’ve got an American driving license and I bought a Ferrari, then went out on the p**s and Sharon went, ‘Oh no, you’re not having this’. It’s not a good idea is it, Ozzy Osbourne and a Ferrari?

I took so many driving tests because I was so out of it. On one occasion I nodded off during the test. When I woke up there was a note on the seat saying, ‘You have failed.'”

The couple, who are now in a relatively healthy relationship, had briefly split last year after he periodically cheated on her. And although they constantly argue, Ozzy acknowledges this is normal behavior for them.

He shared: “Sharon last told me off about two hours ago. I’m always saying the wrong thing and putting my foot in my mouth.

But when I hear those couples go, ‘We’ve been married for 35 years and never had an argument’, I go, ‘Sorry, you must be living on a different planet.’ The night we got married, we had a row – it’s all part of the deal.”

The family’s personal lives were once chronicled through the TV show The Osbournes, though the singer insists he has never seen an episode.

“I never, ever watched it. I hate seeing myself on TV. I sound like I’m talking gibberish, which I am most of the time.

The first season was OK – mega famous and all that – but it gets f***ing old quick when you have a camera crew living in your house. I don’t care how much money you get, if you’re not insane at the end of it you’re lucky.”

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