Pamela Anderson wants to move overseas

Pamela Anderson wants to move overseas

Anderson is “at a crossroads” with many places to see

Pamela Anderson – who shares two children with ex-husband Tommy Lee – says she has more friends in France and the UK than she does in California. She is now planning to move and enjoy a better life overseas as a result.

She told Britain’s Hello! Magazine: “I’m looking for an apartment to rent in London or in Paris. I have more friends there than in LA.

I’d like to end up somewhere in Europe. Dancing on checkered tables or on a boat sailing around the world…”

And the former Baywatch star – who is an avid animal rights advocate – wants to do much more than spending time with friends. She looks to visit Africa and work with animals to provide them with a long, healthy life.

“I’m at a crossroads. I have big dreams. There are so many places to see. I’ve never been to Africa and I want to help elephants and rhinos so I could see myself living there.”

The 49-year-old actress owns several properties across the US and Canada and is grateful as she doesn’t need to rely on acting for the rest of her life.

She shared: “I’m fortunate to have set up my life where my properties can work for me. I’m building a place for my parents and am renting my grandmother’s property.”

She also urges people to take climate change seriously by adapting other forms of energy consumption, adding: “I’m trying to convince everyone to switch to green energy.

I’ve given up waiting for governments – especially in America – to take climate change seriously. As individuals, it’s one of the most powerful choices we can make.”

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