Ruby Rose wants to continue acting

Ruby Rose wants to continue acting

The star is also looking into writing and producing

Ruby Rose is undoubtedly a woman of many talents. She had previously worked as a television and radio presenter, followed by fashion design, modeling work and DJing. And while she has enjoyed these gigs to the fullest, the star insists her main passion revolves around acting.

Ruby also refuses to repeat the same jobs and experiences more than once.

She told #Legend magazine: “I never want to repeat the same year. In fact, I never want to repeat the same day twice.

People always call me a model but I don’t think I was successful as a model, not like girls like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are. I was a television personality, a radio host and a fashion designer.

I did a lot of things, most of them in front of the camera, but I couldn’t seem to break into acting. I decided that the clever thing would be to just focus on what I really wanted to do, which was act.

I got to America and everybody wanted me to be a presenter or work in reality television or be a DJ, things that were the low-hanging fruit with the agents I talked to.

I went to school for acting but everyone passed. Then I did ‘Break Free’ and everything changed.”

Other than acting, Ruby is also focusing on writing and producing. She added: “I have two books that I have options on and which I would love to get made. One is quite dark, so I’m not sure what will happen with that.

I’m always writing and thinking of new ideas. There are a lot of projects I love and want to do, some people I really want to work with, and I’m happy to pour as much energy as I can into writing and producing.”

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