Samuel L. Jackson says he doesn’t need an award to validate his career

Samuel L. Jackson says he doesn’t need an award to validate his career

The star feels quite proud of his accomplishments

Samuel L. Jackson has appeared – and starred – in many successful films throughout his career. As a result, the star feels that an award shouldn’t validate his accomplishments even if he never picks one up again.

He stated in an interview with The I newspaper: “I don’t have an Oscar. But I don’t think it will define my career if I never get one. No one is saying ‘Ah man, he worked all those years, and never got an Oscar, he’s such a failure!”

And the actor is pleased that projects such as Fences and Moonlight have been nominated following last year’s #OscarsSoWhite controversy. However, he insists that doesn’t necessarily mean they will ultimately win anything once the Oscar winners are announced in February.

He explained: “‘Manchester by the Sea‘ – amazing, brilliant; there are no black people in that movie.”

Meanwhile, Samuel views his flicks as mere entertainment and a form of escape: “I see myself as someone who gives people an opportunity to get away from their everyday lives for two hours.”

The star plays NSA Agent Augustus Gibbons in the long-running xXx movie franchise and revealed his character hasn’t evolved drastically.

He shared: “I play the same cat I always have. I go to [the leads]. I tell them what to do. I come back and I say, good job.”

And while he has not won many awards in the past, Samuel is proud that many of his lines have stood the test of time among audiences.

“There are people who have spent their whole career acting, and not one person can remember a word that they have said.”

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