Scarlett Johansson bonds with daughter over singing

Scarlett Johansson bonds with daughter over singing

Johansson: She's got a good ear! She sings along with me

Scarlett Johansson – who has a two-year-old daughter with husband Romain Dauriac – says the two have really bonded over singing.

She explained to Entertainment Tonight: “I sing a lot, all day, probably much to her annoyance. Sometimes it’s songs she doesn’t want to hear, so she’ll just go, ‘No, no, no! Not that one.’ I’m like a jukebox, just press ‘skip.’ Next! … She’s got a good ear! She sings along with me.”

And despite being quite active in the industry, the star was noticeably missing from the Golden Globes on Sunday as she opted for some family time instead.

“I missed the Golden Globes! I was too busy, you know, trying to make, like, mac-and-cheese, and, ‘Are we going to watch the Tinkerbell movie or Strawberry Shortcake? My world is all into that right now,” she added.

Meanwhile, Scarlett previously claimed her daughter will “freak out” when she watches her as an animated porcupine in the musical comedy Sing.

She shared: “I’m sure she [Rose] would probably freak out. It would blow her mind. I’m not sure, she’s pretty young so I imagine everything in her mind is a little bit sort of trippy to begin with.

So I think just seeing my voice coming out of a porcupine like that, especially a punk rock porcupine, it might be a little overwhelming for her. This may be the only movie I’ve ever made that she can see though.”

And the 32-year-old admitted to share the same dream as her little one, as they both want to become Disney princesses.

“My daughter is still young. Right now I think we both share the dream that I will someday be a Disney princess, but it’s probably not going to happen. I’ve been asking for that job for the past 20 years, and nobody has booked me.”

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