‘Spice Girls’ reunion has been canceled

‘Spice Girls’ reunion has been canceled

The long-awaited comeback is no more…

The Spice Girls’ Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Mel B were ready to regroup later this year in celebration of their 20th anniversary. And despite Victoria Beckham and Mel C opting out, the remaining members were willing to give long-time fans what they had been asking for.

Geri – who has a child from a past relationship – is now expecting her first with husband Christian Horner. This has led the group’s plans to fall through as she is now fully focused on her pregnancy.

An insider shared with The Sun: “Geri’s priorities have changed. Her baby is due later this year and rather than force a reunion, she’s needs to concentrate on more personal matters.

Getting all the girls in the studio at the same time proved a tough task. What they needed was one main boss-style figure to pull the strings otherwise they would be constantly in limbo.”

Furthermore, manager Joyce Smyth has also walked away from the project. Despite these setbacks, however, there’s still a chance for them to regroup in the future.

The news comes after Mel B insisted they would release new music from her home-built studio. And while nothing is “set in stone” as of yet, they were adamant on working together this year.

She recently said: “We have written new material and I have a studio at my house in LA. As soon as Emma and Geri get their schedules sorted they will be over in LA and we can start working on new music.

Nothing’s set in stone yet. We’re just working towards getting something sorted this year, so there’s nothing to talk about yet.”

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