Taylor Hill wants a career in the fashion industry

Taylor Hill wants a career in the fashion industry

The model actually wishes to run the business

Taylor Hill says she is learning as much as possible about the fashion industry. And while she has gained experience as a model, the 20-year-old beauty looks to get into the actual industry and work from the inside.

She shared with Britain’s Vogue magazine: “I’m really curious about the fashion business.

I mean, the actual business. As such as anything else, one of the amazing opportunities I have, doing this job, is that I get to see the industry from the inside.

I’m always paying attention, always making mental notes. The more I see, the more I learn. I’ll definitely use that education some day.”

Taylor had recently voiced her concerns about being a Victoria’s Secret model, as she doesn’t consider having what people look for.

She said: “[I’m] more of a loser tomboy type. I’m very nerdy, I love to read — I’m not necessarily a girl’s girl.

[Being an Angel] really challenges who I am as a person. I’m standing there in underwear, but I’m just [macho] like, ‘Hey guys!'”

All the fellow Angels, she says to be very close to Behati Prinsloo.

“She’s a weirdo. I love her. She’s just loud and clumsy and she laughs a lot. The first time we met, she was touching my face and being like, ‘You’re so cute’. And I’m just like, ‘I love you!’ ”

The star is currently dating actor Michael Stephen, and while the job often keeps them apart, she tries to be understanding of the situation.

She added: “He comes back and forth from LA, but then I go off on location and stuff. But it’s OK. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

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