Teresa Palmer flees home following severe weather conditions

Teresa Palmer flees home following severe weather conditions

Palmer: We lost our power for four days

Teresa Palmer – who has two children with husband Mark Webber and is stepmother to his own son, Isaac – was forced to move into a hotel following a “crazy storm” that damaged her property.

The weather conditions in Adelaide, Australia caused a power cut that lasted four days along with general damage from excess flood.

She stated on her official blog: “We lost our power for four days at our home this week from a crazy storm that also damaged a building on our property.

We had just bought a bunch of groceries too and sadly had to throw all of our produce out.”

Thankfully it wasn’t all bad, as the family turned the situation around by having a “slumber party” and a “miniature family holiday” during their stay.

She shared: “What could have been a scary and dangerous situation ended up being a miniature family holiday.

It did mean we got to have hotel slumber parties with the kids and my mum. We ordered room service and watched shows and shopped at Rundle Mall everyday, it was like a little staycation.”

Aside from the storm, Teresa has also been struggling with her son Forest. The tot is struggling to settle and she believes something might be affecting him while being fed.

“He has been having really bad gas at 4am every night! He is very uncomfortable and grizzles and grunts trying to do a poo…I’ve been looking in to things I may be eating that are upsetting him.”

And prior to giving birth, the star had been craving the scent of an air detox spray to help purify the air.

She previously explained: “This is a weird one because it has nothing to do with food! I’ve been obsessed with smelling Dr Shulze’s Air Detox spray!

I literally have ordered a full box of the spray (10 bottles!). I like to spray all of my pillows with it before bed and just engulf myself in the scent as I fall asleep. It’s a mixture of eucalyptus, lime and lemon! Mark thinks it’s hilarious and I had the exact same obsession with the same smell first pregnancy! I’m convinced it’ll help me throughout labour.”

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