Zoe Saldana likes to take her kids to work

Zoe Saldana likes to take her kids to work

Saldana: Leaving them behind is “unforgivable”

Zoe Saldana revealed she always tries to bring her two-year-old twins – whom she shares with husband Marco Perego – to work whenever possible. The star thinks it’s “unforgivable” to leave them behind for so long while she’s busy traveling.

She told Yahoo Style: “I’ve always believed in the power of having people around you who support you and make you better. We shift tasks around so Marco and I can have time together. Our [life coach] is teaching us to find a way to live a high quality life so we can afford to be rested.

It’s very stressful. But it would be more taxing on my heart if I left them behind. My husband can’t do it either. It’s unforgivable. Once they start school, that takes precedence. But for now, where I go, they go.”

And the Guardians of the Galaxy actress won’t publicize their children on social media as she wants them to make that choice themselves once they’re older.

She stated: “It has to do with respecting who they are. They’re too young to tell me how they would feel. They don’t know if they’re comfortable with that. It’s too violating.

I can share them to the point that my husband and I are comfortable. I’ve never felt the impulse to show their faces. The trolling online is pretty disgraceful. I’m giving them a chance to have their own life.”

Meanwhile, Zoe has come to accept who she is but admits she has occasionally fallen victim to body shaming.

“It comes from accepting who you are, as you are. I’ve been around women my whole life. We’re all victims of body shaming. We’re all abusers of self.

As long as we practice every day being kind to each other and understand that what is being sold to you and expected of you – it’s unreal. It’s inaccurate. Once you learn that, you start working with what you have. You start to curate the kind of information you want in your life.”

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