Scientists shocked by discovery about stress and Donald Trump

Scientists shocked by discovery about stress and Donald Trump

An amazing new study has just uncovered something that surprised scientists, and indicate that Trump's impact on our psyche goes deep.

It’s a surprising find, and one that scientists weren’t expecting to make: despite the fact that the election was more than three months ago, people are still incredibly stressed about Donald Trump’s win. The report, released Wednesday by the American Psychological Association, shows that 57 percent of Americans think the political climate is very or somewhat of a significant source of their stress.

The report is part of the annual Stress in America study, with 1,019 adults surveyed, including both Republicans and Democrats. The survey was held between Jan. 5-19, so well after the election but just before Trump officially took office.

To break it down further, 72 percent of Democrats were stressed about the election’s results, while just 26 percent of Republicans, but still a significant amount, said the same. A total of two thirds of people were stressed about the future of the country, which includes 76 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of Republicans.

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