Horseman, Francis Pusok, receives $650,000 settlement 2 weeks after beating

Horseman, Francis Pusok, receives $650,000 settlement 2 weeks after beating

Francis Pusok, the fleeing Horseman, has received a $650,000 settlement after being brutally beaten by police after a 2 1/2 hour pursuit.

Two weeks after the brutal beating of Francis Pusok at the end of his over 2hr run from California deputies, he has been granted a $650,000 settlement to avoid lawsuit. Details on the initial incident and resulting suspensions can be found here.

Pusok laid claim that the original reason he ran from the police was because he was afraid of them due to past unpleasant encounters. According to prosecution, he was running because he was on probation.  His lawyers stated that by this Pusok was not aiming to obtain money, but he wanted to make sure him and his family will be safe from the abuse and harassment they had endured from the police.

According to this article from States chronicle, a representative of the county explained that both parties are interested in finding a solution and resolve the situation as fast as possible adding that the settlement was the only way of avoiding a costly and long lawsuit. The settlement was initially the idea of the county, given that the entire situation was caught on video and made public by the media. The defense based their case on the fact that police brutally and violently attacked a citizen who was unarmed.

The Board of Supervisors has announced that the main purpose of the settlement was to avoid further costly litigations and that the deal is fair for both sides, adding that the sheriff should urgently purchase body cameras for all of his officers.

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