Sheriff fires staff after mentally ill inmate found covered in feces

Sheriff fires staff after mentally ill inmate found covered in feces

A major shakeup for a sheriff.

Harris County Sheriff’s office has reportedly fired six employees over what it calls “mistreatment of an inmate.”

Sheriff Adrian Garcia announced on Saturday that at least two detention sergeants and for supervisors of the Harris County Jail have been fired.

Another 29 employees have been suspended without pay, all in related to an investigation into mistreatment of the inmate in question.

The firings and paid leave, as the handful of staff are accused of leaving the mentally ill inmate Teri Goodwin unattended for weeks. When the inmate was found he was surrounded by feces, and required serious medical treatment.

The action comes three weeks after two detention officers were indicted in the case involving the care of Goodwin.

According to recent reports, at least one chief deputy is also expected to announce his resignation and another top staffer is set for demotion. According to Garcia, his chief Deputy Fred Brown will also resign at the end of the month.

The decision comes three weeks after grand jury indicted two detention officer sergeants in the case and it comes nearly 2 years after Goodwin was discovered.

In a statement released to the press, Garcia said that the action was unfortunate but necessary.

“Disciplining employees is never pleasurable,” Garcia said. “but the reality is, when employees fail to take action when action is necessary, and when it results in conditions no inmate should be subjected to, this discipline is called for.”

People familiar with the Harris County detention Center said the action was nearly unprecedented. It remains unclear whether further action will be taken.

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