Tinder, Instagram team up to help users hook up, find love

Tinder, Instagram team up to help users hook up, find love

Two big apps get connected.

Two of the web’s largest apps are teaming up. Users will now have the ability to sync their Tinder accounts with their Instagram account, making it even easier to find users to find one another. Before now, Tinder photos were only defined via Facebook. Tinder’s integration of Instagram seems like an appropriate evolutionary step since a large majority of users already include their Instagram aliases in their Tinder profile.

Via Tinder, users will be able to view the 34 most recent pictures on a potential match’s Instagram account. Instagramers with private profiles will have the option to make their Instagrams viewable via Tinder, even if the viewer hasn’t matched them or isn’t already a follower on Instagram.

Techspot reports that the new update also allows Tinder to connect more shared friends among profiles. Tinder will show you if you and a match have common Facebook friends (first degree), and it will also show you if a friend of yours is also a friend of a match’s friend (second degree). Users will also have access to the complete list of a match’s interests on Facebook.

Sean Rad, president and co-founder of Tinder, said that this is just the first of many steps the company will take to bring the app to the next level, making more matches and giving users more fodder to start conversations. He adds that what keeps his competitors at bay is that they fail to see the Tinder community and fail to recognize that it’s the app’s users, not features, that keep it on top. It is responsible for 26 million matches every day and while it has met its share of competitors, none of them have proved to be any real threat to Tinder.

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