Alarming report: China’s debt may be getting out of control

Alarming report: China’s debt may be getting out of control

Beijing is scrambling as its stock market shows signs of weakening, and its corporate debt pile has reached a staggering $16.1 trillion.

A new report suggests that there are some big problems in Beijing as corporate debt piles up and the stock market shows some continually worrying signs.

The Chinese government has jumped in to intervene as the stock market shows signs of weakness, but it’s come at the cost of a bloated corporate debt pile that has reached $16.1 trillion — the largest in the world, according to a Reuters report.

This rising debt load is posing a big threat to its slowing economy, and it now represents 160 percent of the nation’s GDP — twice that of the much-vaunted U.S. debt.

And things are about to get worse: over the next five years, credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s estimates that Chinese corporate debt will rise another 77 percent to $28.8 trillion, a truly staggering total.

Beijing has been jumping into the fray as of late to support economic growth, which may fall to a 25-year-low this year after so many years of blistering growth.

Interest rates have been slashed four times since November in a bid to prop up the economy.

But analysts are concerned that this bid to increase the amount of credit flowing into the economy is just helping to prop up the problematic companies rather than the ones actually fueling the growth. Experts consider such measures to be a “blunt instrument” in address economic woes, according to the report.

A total of $206 billion in new loans were made by Chinese banks last month, an increase of nearly a third compared to May.

With debts growing past manufacturers’ profits, concerns among economists are that this period can’t last and the declines will only continue — with the growing risk that it could be a hard crash.

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