Amazon is now allowing you to “fling” content on your Fire TV

Amazon is now allowing you to “fling” content on your Fire TV

Amazon's brand new toolkit allows you to "fling" content onto your screen with just the tap of a button.

Amazon has released a new toolkit that is letting developers to build into their apps the ability to share media on the Amazon Fire TV, and they are calling it “Fling.”

Amazon launched the Fling software kit on Thursday in a bid to compete with Chromecast and Apple TV, which would allow more mobile apps to let users share multimedia content using the Fire TV, according to a CNET report.

The Fling software lets developers create ways for users to share photos, music, or videos that run on Android, iOD, or FireOS apps shareable on the set top box of a Fire TV. Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast already have such an ability built in.

How does this look from a user’s standpoint? When a user opens a Fling-compatible app on their smartphone or tablet, they will see a Fling icon that they can tap, sending content straight to the Fire TV. That means if you’re watching a movie on your iPhone, you can simply tap that icon to display it on the television you are connected to.

Now with Fling, developers will be able to promote the accessibility of their content as being available not just on Chromecast and Apple TV, but on Amazon’s Fire TV as well without having to build an entirely new app just for that system. This will save developers time and money.

Amazon’s Fire TV costs $99 and lets users do more with their televisions than in the past: play games, watch programming, and other activities. it’s similar to Apple TV and the popular Roku devices. The set-top box allows users to get popular streaming services like Netflix and HBO Go,w ith more apps being added all the time.

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