Arctic ice grows ‘by a third,’ stunning scientists

Arctic ice grows ‘by a third,’ stunning scientists

During a cool summer of 2013, the Arctic ice actually grew, giving new ammo to Global Warming skeptics.

In a shocking twist, the amount of Arctic sea ice has increased by a third after a particularly cool summer of 2013 — and the growth continued into last year, compensating for some of the losses in the previous three years.

This indicates to the researchers involved that perhaps the shifts in summer temperatures have a much bigger than expected effect on the amount of ice in the Arctic, according to a BBC report.

But don’t pop the champagne, warn scientists, who argue that 2013 was just an aberration and climate change will continue on course in the coming decades.

It’s the Arctic region that has scientists most concerned about the effects of climate change, as melting ice could cause sea levels to rise and tremendous problems around the globe — and it’s the Arctic that has warmed the most compared to other parts of the Earth over the past three decades, with satellite observations indicating that about 40 percent of the sea ice cover has disappeared since 1980.

Researchers have been carefully examining data from Europe’s Cryosat satellite in the past five years to study the loss of sea ice volume. It has a sophisticated radar that is capable of measuring the thickness of sea ice from high in the sky.

They determined that compared to the average of the period between 2010 and 2012, a 33 percent increase in sea was found in 2013 and in 2014 there was still a quarter more ice than during that period.

Although these scientists don’t believe this means Global Warming has reversed, it may suggest that a year of cooler temperatures good delay the effects by a few years.

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