Google Maps can now send directions straight to your Android from your Desktop

Google Maps can now send directions straight to your Android from your Desktop

It's a change the many say is long overdue, but now it's finally here.

A new update to Google Maps on the Android is something people have been calling for for a while: sending destination info straight to your mobile device from your desktop computer.

To do this in the past, you only need to type “send directions” in to the Google search textbook, which is fairly simple to do but probably most people don’t know about it, according to an Ubergizmo report.

Now, Google has made an update to the desktop version of Google Maps that will make it easier to fire off directions straight to your Android. This option is visible directly underneath your directions with the link “Send to device.”

Before you can do this, you’ll need to link up your Android device with your Google account that you have signed in on the computer, so you need to make sure you’re logged into the same account. If not, switch accounts and just change it back when you’re done.

Once the directions are sent, the device should pop up a notification with the address, and it will allow you to navigate to it right away. That means no more manually dialing up the address on your way out the door, just one click of the mouse can do that for you — particularly helpful if you’re in a rush.

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