Jim Carrey hammers California governor after vaccination law passed

Jim Carrey hammers California governor after vaccination law passed

The popular actor ripped into Gov. Jerry Brown, calling him a "corporate fascist" on Twitter.

A controversial new law that would strip religious and personal exemptions from parents who don’t want their children vaccination has caused famous actor Jim Carrey to slam Gov. Jerry Brown as a “corporate fascist” in new Twitter comments.

Brown signed the bill, which would bar children from public and private schools unless they get the vaccine, and it did not sit well with the star of “Bruce Almighty,” “Ace Venture,” and many other films. Carrey has an autistic child, and he and former partner Jenny McCarthy¬†are both campaigners against vaccines, arguing that they poison children and can lead to autism,¬†according to an Independent report.

With the passage of the bill, California joins two other states in not allowing parents to claim personal or religious exemptions to getting their children vaccinated. Now, the only way to avoid vaccines and still attend local schools will be if the child has serious health issues.

Carrey accused Brown of essentially allowing children to be poisoned, saying that he was not anti-vaccines but current vaccines have too much thimerosal and mercury in them. He pointed his followers to a documentary on the issue and continued to argue that he was entirely “pro-vaccine” just “anti-neurotoxins.”

For his part, Brown said that vaccines have been proven to protect children and that there was no ambiguity in the science on the issue, the report states. He said that while there are some risks to medical intervention, immunization as a whole “protects the community.”

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