Street Fighter V is giving away DLC for free

Street Fighter V is giving away DLC for free

Most video game companies make you pay extra for downloadable extra content -- but Streetfighter V is going a different route.

Capcom has made a pretty big announcement at a panel at Evo 2015 this weekend: you know that downloadable content you typically have to pay out the nose for with other games? You can get it for free on Street Fighter V.

A big part of brand new games is the promise of DLC down the line, always at an extra cost to gamers as a way to milk as much money out of the franchise as possible, but Capcom is trying to turn some heads by giving it away — as long as you earn it, according to a PC Gamer report.

Street Fighter V, to them, is an “ever-evolving” service, according to the report, and therefore the only version of the game is the original. And you’ll be able to unlock all the new stuff by simply playing the game.

A total of 16 characters is included in the initial purchase of the game. Balancing updates happen for free on a regular basis, and additional characters will be made available as DLC. You can buy that DLC with real money, or you can use “Fight Money” to purchase this DLC — and you earn Fight Money by playing the game.

Capcom said they were doing this to ensure that people would be getting good content in the short term, and that in the Street Fighter series, content had been released all at once traditionally. But this made it difficult to keep players engaged long after the initial purchase, and it punished players that stopped playing the game briefly with plans to start again in a few years time. This way, Capcom hopes to solve all those problems and keep players in the fold.

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