Stunning new image of the Sun makes it look like a giant marble

Stunning new image of the Sun makes it look like a giant marble

NASA has captured an amazing new image of the sun like none you've ever seen before.

NASA has captured a new photo of the sun using the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), and it’s provided an image that is unlike any other.

The colorful image shows the swirling face of the sun with bright white spots and a fiery red auro, making it look like a spectacular cosmic marble, according to a Daily Mail report.

Scientists achieved the image by combining the NuSTAR picture with images from other telescopes.

NuSTAR is usually working on the mysteries of black holes and supernovae, but this time it was trained on the star right in our own backyard. NuSTAR’s part of the image is the blue high-energy x-rays, whereas Japan’s Hinode spacecraft took the low-energy x-rays that appear green. The ultraviolet light from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is depicted in yellow and red on the image.

The pictures were taken at approximately the same time from all three telescopes on April 29, allowing the creation of this image, which was presented this week to the Royal Astronomical Society’s National Astronomy meeting in Wales.

Iain Hannah of the University of Glasgow in Scotland presented the image at the meeting, saying that it depicts several active regions, although in general the sun has actually been quieting down in its activity cycle, although we are still a few years away before it reaches its lowest point.

You can see the high-energy active areas, which are filled with flares, by the bright spots on the surface of the sun in this image.

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